Our space is geared toward indoor quiet time and outdoor playtime.  Our climate controlled building keeps temperature and humidity at a comfortable level throughout the seasons and our fenced outdoor play yards allow for interactive play time with us and other guests if so desired - many of our regular guests are friends that look forward to playing together!  We have 24 hour video and mobile monitoring of our guests.

Food is provided if you wish but you are welcome to bring your own - it can be much easier on the digestive system to continue to eat what they are used to.  Please bring it in a sealed plastic container marked with your pet’s information.

Senior and special needs guests are welcome.

All guests are required to have current vaccines or titres.

Rates: (effective 01 January 2018)

$ 25  per day per dog

$ 19  per day per dog of the same family staying together

$ 29  per day puppies under 6 months of age, individually evaluated for suitability

$ 8  extra exercise/walking (15 min)

$ 16  per day per cat

$ 13  per day per cat of the same family staying together

15% Discount for stays over 30 days

10% Discount for stays over 21 days

Boarding charges start on the day the guest arrives, regardless of time of day.  Boarding charges then continue for each day our guest is with us including the day they go home, unless they “check out” before 9 am.  Think of it like a hotel check out time at 9 am, otherwise you are charged for another day.


We will be developing our walking trails for the added enjoyment of our guests.

We’ll be having holiday/theme parties, Summer pool parties on our patio, sharing check up photos, and SPAW Fone (FaceTime and Skype visits with your pet).


Get Me To My Appointment On Time!

During your pet’s stay with us, we would be happy to make sure they get to any scheduled veterinary appointments as needed.

Rates will vary according to location, number of pets, and special circumstances.

“Mango Mobile”

You asked for and you’ve got it.

Some days you enjoy the ride out into the country,...some quiet time to unwind while you drop off and pick up your pet.  But other days,...?!?!?, have a plane to catch, are working late, have to deal with your two legged children,... there’s just not enough time.  We can help.  We will work with you to provide pick up and/or drop off service that will meet your needs on an individual basis.  Rates will vary according to location, number of pets, and special circumstances. 

A general guideline based on area:

Grand Bay/Westfield - $ 10 - $20

West Saint John - $ 25 - $35

North, South, Central, East Saint John - $ 35 - $45

Kennebecasis Valley - $ 45 - $55


Everyone loves and deserves extra attention! 

Give your loved one a Spaw Day while they’re with us for extra hours of individual treatment time.

Short Hair Breeds - Full Spaw Treatment

(bath, nail cutting, ear cleaning, & 15 min brushing, trimming)

Toy/Small $ 40 - $45

Small/Medium $ 45 - $60

Med/Large $ 60 - $70

Giant $ 75 - $85

Long Hair Breeds- Full Spaw Treatment

(bath, blow drying, nail cutting, ear cleaning, & 15 min brushing, trimming, clipping)

Toy/Small  $ 50 - $60

Small/Medium  $ 60 - $70

Med/Large  $ 70 - $100

Giant  $ 100+

A-La-Carte Items:

Nail Trimming  $ 12

Nail Grinding  $ 12

Nail Trimming and Grinding  $ 18

Nail Trimming, Trim Pads, Ear Cleaning  $ 23

De-Matting - varying depending on time spent

Unsocial/Unfriendly/Difficult to Manage Behavior  $ 60 per hour

Anal Glands should be done by a veterinary technician

All prices are PLUS 15% HST

Our preferred methods of payment are Cash or Debit.

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